The journal Research on Language was founded in 2023 by Anja Wildemann and Katharina Kellermann in order to offer German didactics another publication medium. Anja Müller, Lena Bien-Miller and Sarah L. Fornol are also permanent editors.

If you have any questions about submitting your contributions etc., please do not hesitate to contact me.

Katharina Kellermann
RPTU Kaiserslautern-Landau

Phone: +49 (0)6341 280 34165
E-mail: k.kellermann@rptu.de

For authors, please proceed this way.

Editorial team

Anja Wildemann

Founder and editor

Katharina Kellermann

Founder and editor


Anja Müller


Sarah L. Fornol


Scientific Advisory Board

In order to ensure the quality of the journal and the articles submitted, a scientific advisory board has been established, which is consulted on the content. In addition, each article is subjected to a double blind review. Two reviewers from the scientific advisory board assess the submitted articles.

  1. Dr. Akbulut, Muhammed
  2. Prof. Dr. Anskeit, Nadine
  3. Dr. Börjesson Kristin
  4. Prof. Dr. Dannerer Monika
  5. Prof. Dr. Dirim, İnci
  6. Prof. Dr. Döll, Marion
  7. Prof. Dr. Fuhrhop, Nanna
  8. Prof. Dr. Gabriel, Christopher
  9. Dr. Gantefort, Christoph
  10. Prof. Dr. Geist, Barbara
  11. Dr. Gese, Helga
  12. Dr. Geyer, Sabrina
  13. Prof. Dr. Gretsch, Petra
  14. Prof. Dr. Hagemann, Jörg
  15. Prof. Dr. Harren, Inga
  16. Dr. Hee, Katrin
  17. Prof. Dr. Hlebec, Hrvoje
  18. Dr. Heppt, Birgit
  19. Prof. Dr. Jessner-Schmid, Ulrike
  20. Prof. Dr. Kilian, Jörg
  21. Prof. Dr. Kleinbub, Iris
  22. Prof. Dr. Lütke, Beate
  23. Prof. Dr. Maak, Diana
  24. Prof. Dr. Marx, Konstanze
  25. Prof. Dr. Marx, Nicole
  26. Prof. Dr. Michalak, Magdalena
  27. Prof. Dr. Müller, Astrid
  28. Dr. Olthoff, Sarah
  29. Prof. Dr. Peschel, Corinna
  30. Prof. Dr. Peyer, Ann
  31. Prof. Dr. Rothstein, Björn
  32. Dr. Schmidt, Romina
  33. Prof. Dr. Schroeder, Christoph
  34. Dr. Schuttkowski, Caroline
  35. Prof. Dr. Topalovic, Elvira
  36. Dr. Widmer, Anna
  37. Dr. Woerfel, Till

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